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A Beautiful and Luxurious Vacation Spot on the North Shore


Both my wife and I are well seasoned travelers with over 25 years experience in the hospitality business. I was born on the U.S. mainland and moved to Oahu after working at the ski resorts in Colorado, however have lived on the islands for 30 plus years. My wife is a native of Hawaii.

Why This Property?

Both of us are surfers and why we choose to live on the North Shore however started the business because we enjoy meeting people from all over the world that love to travel and share similar interests. The next best thing to traveling yourself is living vicariously through others!

What to Expect?

Although we have a self check in system I try and greet the guests upon check in and offer some suggestions to make their first 24 hours are a thoughtless one as well as ensure they have everything they need.  Once settled in we are available if you need anything, however we give you full privacy to enjoy your vacation.

I'm very involved with the running of the property in between guests making sure it's in top shape and working order. I have 19 years experience in property management and over 25 years in hospitality.  I try and get ahead of things before they happen to make sure your stay runs flawlessly, so you can just relax. 🙂

Why this property?

Frankly, it's  a dream location and we are  thankful to have had the option to buy the home after renting it for many years.  Most days the beauty is simply surreal. Almost every morning starts with a rainbow over the ocean, then surf the day away and end it with a  beautiful sunset. Why live anywhere else....